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25 Jul

My version of the Most-Hard-Bodied MC in the Game

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We ain’t forget bout you…we patiently waiting!

About a week or two ago I came across an editorial article from XXL on ‘The Most Hardbody MC in the Game‘ and to much of my approval, i agreed to a certain extent. Sean P should be considered one the hardest emcees in the game to many, whether it’s just him or his days with Heltah Skeltah, O.G.C & the Boot Camp Clik. But truly, in my opinion, I have yet to hear anybody fuckin’ with Immortal Technique. You want to talk about Hard-Bodied? Try having a whole activist movement behind your back, dedicated to Prison Reform and legalizing the Mary Jane, or a grassroots organization named G.A.M.E dedicated to providing health care to underground rappers (thoro!).

No sir, dude is definitely not your typical ‘Political/Jehovah Witness/Public Enemy‘ type rapper (nothing wrong with that). He’d probably break your face in, considering he did spend 3 years and few months behind bars. That, and a good friend of mine that went to school with him remembered Felipe as a ‘not so nice muthafucka that would not want to fuck with’.

Emcee wise, I thought dude was okay for a while, considering I’m a Huge Lox fan, so nothing he could’ve said was going to warrant a debate. Plus I had issues with a some of his political beliefs, mostly issues with political conspiracy theories and certain aspects of religion. But I can’t knock his overall philosophy towards poverty, racism, classism, and just life in general because it’s something I completely can fuck with to a degree. But it wasn’t until I heard a track that wasn’t even his own (was a collabo, but he ended it) that made me dropped jaw (no homo!).

Outerspace ft. Immortal Technique - Angels of Death (I shit you not, this man destroyed this fuckin’ track. This is how you literally kill someone else’s track.)

After hearing this, I went back, re-listened to majority of his material, everything from Revolutionary V. 1 to 2, and everything in between with the mixtapes. Till this day, I ain’t fucking with anyone talking bout hard-body until they hear this man. Till then, keep a look out for his long-awaited for album, The Middle Passage!

From Revolutionary Vol. 1:

Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil (My dude, Joe Budden did a somewhat similar version to this, which I liked–3 Sides to a Story–but it ain’t fucking with this)

From Revolutionary V. 2:
Immortal Technique - Point of No Return

Some dudes just be about being hard…and some dudes ARE just hard.

Peace and Hip-Hop!

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